Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What happened to my plans?

Last Thursday Jay Jason Kjar was born at 3:11 in the afternoon. What happened? Well that morning I was feeling frustratingly good. I had come to the conclusion that I may actually have to wait to meet my bundle of joy till the scheduled C-section. I walked Eric to school spoke with his teacher and went home. I was however getting a very increasing feeling like I should call my Dr's office and see if they could move my Dr's appointment up because Jay was not quite as active as he usually was. This was not anything unusual about him in the morning's, he is a night owl. Well I was waiting on a call from the Dr's so my parents and I and Eden decided to go to Costco and do some walking and shopping. At Costco my Dr's office called and asked that I please go to the hospital. Well that felt a little like over kill but I did as I was asked. I went to the hospital and got there ahead of a women who was clearly in labor and asked if I could please have my baby monitored a request from my Dr. I was not in labor or at least not what I thought was labor. There were so many women coming in having babies that day all the nurses felt I was taking away a bed for a women who really needed it, I sat in the bed and was monitored. It took about thirty minutes for Jay to wake up and start moving but nothing was out of the ordinary. At that point I was feeling a little silly about taking up a bed on a very busy day. The nurses were all telling me to get ready to go home and I was dreaming about a hamburger because I was starving when my Dr came in and said lets check you. He checked me stood up took off his glove and said "Well Brianne you are having a baby today" Everyone in the room said what? at the same time, I was dilated to a 5 and as a repeat C-section that means no going home. I immediately called Jason and told him to get into town and then I called my parents who both said "oh good our prayers were answered." My beautiful baby boy was delivered at 3:11 and taken to NICU because they thought he was having trouble breathing but he wasn't he was brought to me about two hours later doing great. The nurses discovered that he is not much of a screamer. 48 hours later I was released with Jay and we were able to come home and be with our family. A hospital record for a C-section patient but both Jay and I were doing great. Jay is such a good baby and I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He weighed 6lb 1 oz, my second largest baby and 18in long. Though after measuring him he is closer to 19 in. He loves to nurse and he keeps everything down. He sleeps really well and just loves to be near his Mommy. Our family is finally complete. There will be no more babies from me but I hope someday that I can hold my baby's babies and continue the cycle of life. As for now I love to hold all of my babies because they are so precious and beautiful.

 Jason took this picture of me the night before Jay was born just to show how big my belly was.

 I was much releaved when Jason finally go to the hospital.

 Jason all decked out in his surgery gear. The Dr gave him the okay to watch the entire procedure from The C-section to the Tubal.

 Josh and Jay's first picture

 Valentines day
 All three of my boys together

 Jason Eden and Jay

 All four of my babies together for the first time

Eric and Jay right before we were released to come home.

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